Nikhil Dhawan:

Equipped with an MBA -Finance & International Business from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Nikhil started his career with Citibank. He has worked as an investment banker with renowned names like HSBC & Citibank. Sharp business acumen coupled with a diverse portfolio of clients in the manufacturing and trading space make him an integral driving force behind The Goodmen Trading Co. His experience along with a go-getter attitude makes “numbers... sourcing...payments” his mantra!

Rahul Uberoi:

An architect by qualification, Rahul has managed a variety of multifaceted projects for fortune 500 companies, delivering on time and under budget. With a fierce passion for travel and culture Rahul has been setting up trade ties globally for nearly a decade. A keen eye for Client servicing, Timeline & price management along with exceptional People & Networking Skills make Rahul the architect behind The Goodmen Trading Co as well.


The Goodmen Trading company stands for trust, loyalty and long term relationships. The name itself was chosen to represent discipline and a business ethic where the client comes first and the money follows. At Goodmen we believe IN excellence first and success as a result.

Our Team is always hungry and aggressive in going all out to achieve any challenge our clients set for us; whether is sourcing a rare commodity from distant lands, aggregating large quantities from various sources, beating market rates or simply meeting tight deadlines. We pride ourselves in taking on unseemingly insurmountable odds and rising to the challenge.

We are young yet seasoned, we are hungry yet honest, we are diverse yet focused. We are good at what we do, we are Goodmen Trading.